About Scandic Trans Ltd.

Scandic Trans Ltd. is your expert in hauling all types of transports in the Nordic countries and in Europe. Scandic Trans Ltd. is a privately owned company whose owners are independent transport companies. For over 25 years, our main objective has been to offer our customers reliable, effective, and flexible transport solutions. We specialize in import and export within the Nordic countries, and especially in thermo controlled transports.

We always use the latest equipment: it is both environmentally friendly and effective. We monitor our performance continuously and like to hold the highest quality possible. We want to offer great service for our customers: at Scandic Trans you will receive a contact person who will take care of all your transport needs. Our drivers are also personally responsible for their loads: they load, drive, and unload every delivery. If you are interested in high quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly transports, please contact us!


Thermo Controlled Transports

Your Goods at the Right Temperature