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Want to get home on time?
No problem. We're sending Johnny.

Tired of waiting?
No problem. We're sending Johnny.

99 packages instead of 100?
No problem. We're sending Johnny.

We're all Johnny to you

No matter whether it’s one of our drivers or someone at the office, we’ll always give you a name to contact. For each and every assignment. Every day of the week. This is your guarantee of personal, reliable and punctual


We're sending Johnny


From A to B. OK, it may sound simple, but behind every successful transport assignment stands an experienced carrier who understands the customer’s needs throughout the journey. This is the peace of mind we supply. Scandic Trans has been running international road transport operations in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe for more than 20 years, with the spotlight on security, punctuality and reliability. When you work with us, you can always be sure of the same personal ambience and service – no matter whether you are looking to transport hot, cold or hazardous goods, or if you need an express delivery solution.

When you work with us, your contact always has a name

We’ve chosen to call him Johnny. Although it could just as well be Raila in dispatch, Jesse behind the wheel, or Jan from our traffic planning department. Every one of us at Scandic Trans is quite simply Johnny to you every day of the week. This is your guarantee that you will always receive the same personal treatment and the same proactive service for all your transport assignments.

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