Rights of the registered

The following are the rights of a registered:


a) Right to information. You have the right to access information on how we use your personal data. You can read about this in our privacy policy.

b) Right to know what personal information Scandic Trans possesses on you. You can send a request per e-mail or letter and within 30 days we will give you all information we have on you. Note that this can cause large administration costs; therefore this is free if the last request was made longer than one year ago. On a request like this you will obtain the information on at least:

        1. the purpose of the processing,
        2. categories of personal data,
        3. if the personal data is handed out and to who,
        4. how long the personal data is used and stored,
        5. from where we have received the personal data,
        6. How long the personal data is stored.


c) Right to demand rectification on wrong or incomplete personal data. This rectification must not be delayed.


d) Right to demand erasing of your personal data or “right to be forgotten”. Erasing of personal data can only occur on some circumstances. If one of the following statements is correct, erasing is an option:

        1. the personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose they were collected in the first place,
        2. the processing is (only) based on your consent and you withdraw it,
        3. you object to a processing of vital interest and we cannot confirm the vital interest,
        4. the processing occurs for direct marketing and you oppose,
        5. the processing is illegal,
        6. erasing is needed to perform a legal obligation.

➢ Your personal data can NOT be erased if the information is needed for performance of legal obligations or for following other laws.


e) Right to restriction of processing. This right is useful if you have required rectification on personal data and we need to verify the information, you can demand restriction of processing during this time.


f) Right to data portability. You can get your personal data in an electronic form and if it is possible and safe we can transmit or send your personal data to another destination. This right applies to personal data processing based on consent or agreements.


g) Right to object. You can object to our processing that are based on vital interests. If you object to a vital interest, Scandic Trans must prove that the processing really is more important than your personal interests. If we cannot prove this, the processing will immediately stop. This right does not apply to information on paper. Note that if you object to direct marketing, the processing will immediately stop.



Observe that the rights might vary on occasions. All these rights does not apply in all situations.


If you have any questions regarding your rights or GDPR please contact Scandic Trans per e-mail or letter.

You can also file a complaint with a supervisory data protection authority.The finnish supervisory data protection authority is "the data protection ombudsman" and you can find the contact information on this webpage http://www.tietosuoja.fi/en/.