– Scandic Express® for Quick Deliveries


Scandic Express is your solution to both surprising delivery needs or regular express deliveries. We deliver packages, temperature controlled goods, and even dangerous goods as express. Express deliveries reach their destination the following day from door to door.
For more information about Scandic Express contact Jan Svarfvar + 358 20 120 2553 or Aleksi Koivisto +358 20 120 2562.

Express deliveries are available in the following areas:
• Greater Stockholm, Uppsala, Södertälje
• Greater Helsinki
• Turku
• Tampere
• Vaasa

If you are interested in Express Deliveries in other areas, contact Jan or Aleksi.


Scandic Express® in a nutshell:

• Packages and LTLs
• Export and Import
• From door to door up to 23 pallet spaces
• TempNet® temperature and route follow-up
• All temperature requirements can be fulfilled