– Safe, Clean, and Reliable

Medicine transports have very high standards in safety, cleanliness, and reliability. Medicines need to maintain their consistency throughout the whole trip. At Scandic Trans medicines are treated as valuable goods that require extra attention. We train our drivers often and follow the Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products. We use only safe and monitored parking areas in order to minimize any risks. We drive modern and clean lorries which are suited for both food and medicinal transports.

We monitor our transports via the TempNet® system. The system provides information about the temperatures for both the driver and the customer. This is how we can ensure that medicinal products that are extra sensitive to deviations are transported without any such deviations.

If you need more information on safe transports of medicinal products, please contact our safety advisor Reko Märsylä + 358 20 120 2504.